Client Testimonials

"I want to thank you for the program you presented for the Welsh Society of Portland December 7th. Your playing showed your technical mastery of the instrument and of the Celtic style, but of real impact was the emotional spirit you evoked. The whimsy of Ireland was there, the songs with a slight 'tear' in the voice; we could always hear your pleasure in playing your harp and in the music. Your ability to communicate to the audience was strong, and the opportunity to ask questions and comment during the performance really added to everyone's enjoyment. I'm happy that I 'discovered' you at the Rose Garden, and that your playing for the Welsh Society came off so well!" 

-John Evans, Portland Welsh Society 


"Elizabeth brings to the table a rare combination of warmth, expressiveness, musical adroitness and consummate professionalism.  Each and every time I've hired her -- often in the context of very unusual, custom-request gigs— she's risen to the occasion with a great deal of skill and graciousness, always accommodating every weird thing I've asked of her. On the music business end of things, she's a pro of the highest caliber.  I've also had the pleasure of singing and playing personally with Elizabeth.  She's great at both solo and  ensemble playing, and also possesses a rare knack for vocal harmony."

-Jen Bernard, owner at "The House of Cards" music booking agency


"Thanks you so much for the beautiful music you played at our wedding. Your gentle presence added so much to the ambiance of the evening....  We are both so grateful for the grace your music contributed to the wedding we were dreaming of." 

-Jennifer and Robin Wells 


 "As the Associate Music Director of Portland Revels, I count Elizabeth as one of my go-musicians for special events and stage shows.  She plays with intuition and passion, is professional and reliable, and is also a lot of fun to collaborate with.  Whether you need driving dance tunes, or achingly beautiful airs and ballads, Elizabeth can deliver."

-Betsy Branch, Portland Revels


"I just wanted to thank you for again for your performance at our Company Christmas Party.  You played beautifully and we received many compliments regarding your talent." 

-Karen Cone, Practical HR solutions 


"For nice things and polite favors it is easy to respond with nice words and polite thanks.  More difficult, however, is finding the adequate words to thank you for your extraordinary gifts....  Music is important in our lives; in earlier years many formal concerts, and always records and CDs.  So to have a world-class concert, personal and informal, on our very own front porch!  Beyond words totally!" 

-Douglas Lynch, commenting on Elizabeth’s performance for his 93rd birthday party. 


“...The music was perfect; in the church, I could have sat for hours listening to the harp; it was breathtakingly beautiful. The musical selections at dinner were also beautiful and quiet, and felt like a medieval feast. It was like a dream....” 

-Mary Mulcrone, bride 


“The selections from your folk repertoire for the reception and classical arrangements for the dinner proved to be just the right combination. Your range was lively, yet unobtrusive, and thoroughly enjoyed by our guests...your harp and performance added a very special quality for our evening to create a most memorable occasion. I am happy to recommend you to others...." 

-Stacy P. Robinson, office administrator, Louisiana Pacific Corporation 


 “Over the past 5 years I have hired Elizabeth to play at my coffee shop, at my wedding, and for my father’s funeral. I cannot sing her praises enough, she is just an enormously talented musician with an incredible feel for her instrument. My customers raved about her, and my family and friends have tremendously appreciated her contribution to those two important events in our lives....” 

-Holly Lutz, former owner- Mojo’s Coffee Den 


"Elizabeth plays once a week at our clinic while patients are receiving acupuncture. Delicate, resonant, and incredibly soothing, her music creates the perfect atmosphere for healing and reflection. Patients love it and so do we." 

-Lisa Rohleder and Skip Van Meter, Window of the Sky Acupuncture clinic 


“Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did at our wedding...  My family still recounts how wonderful it was to hear you play. My wedding was even more memorable because of you.” 

-Toni Chapelli, bride 


"Elizabeth Nicholson is an exceptional performer...beautiful tunes played on a blue electric harp, delightful vocals and an engaging way of interacting with her audience. I recommend her highly." 

-Donna Godwin, research assistant for the Oregon Brain Aging Study, commenting on a performance for seniors involved in the study 


"...with people we talk to, many have said that it was the nicest wedding they'd been to. They ALWAYS bring up the music. When we were planning, we decided we wanted music to be central in the whole day. I'm so glad we ran into you guys; we love what you do. Those old hymns never sounded so beautiful and the vocals duets in the open air at the reception -- SUBLIME.  This may be an odd thing to say but really, you guys expressed something intangible we wanted to say on our wedding day. God blessed us that you helped everyone enjoy themselves and celebrate with us -- what a gift!" 

-Rick and Sheryl Wagner, commenting on their wedding music performed by Elizabeth and multi-instrumentalist Bob Soper 


"On behalf of the members and volunteers of the Celtic Heritage Alliance, I am passing on our sincere gratitude for for recent perfomance at our “Harvest by the Sea” concert.  We were delighted with the turn out and elated by the performance.  It was truly a pleasure to host you her in Newport and to havee had the opportunity to enjoy your music and get to know you one on one.  Several of our attendees related to us how much they enjoyed listening to and watching you play and I am certain performances such as this will only inspire more.   We look forward to working with you again in the future!" 

-Belinda Goody, president of the Celtic Heritage Alliance on  Elizabeth's performance with duo partner Bob Soper 


"Hi Elizabeth, I just wanted to email you and say a huge thank you for the music at our wedding. Everything you all did was so amazing, it really made our day complete. We had so many compliments from our guests on how perfect the music was and I can only wholeheartedly agree! My dad particularly enjoyed the harp, but we heard from many people that you were the best wedding band they had ever heard. In addition, I know it was more work than usual to do the ceilidh but it was a huge success because of your beautiful music. Thank you SO much, you made our wedding the best it could be!" 

-Andrea Fuchs, bride, on the "Rose and Thistle Band"