"The Celtic harp is plucked beautifully by Elizabeth Nicholson" 

- Carol Wells, The Oregonian, Dec.5, 2009 (Portland Revels performance review) 


"Basically, anyone who appreciates Celtic music well-played and sung should appreciate Elizabeth's special interpretive qualities."

- David Kidman, netrhythms.uk


“Though (so I judge from photographs) a young woman, Nicholson is already a formidably skilled harpist and a striking vocalist besides…[her] instrumentals and songs [are] performed with the sort of resonance that separates masters from neophytes.” 

-Jerome Clark, rambles.net, March 2008, (Fly Not Yet review) 


“Wonderful… The fact that Nicholson plays harp, sings in a high soprano, and flavors Celtic music with world seasonings invites comparisons to Loreena McKennitt, but Nicholson's repertoire is even broader…a magical ten track release.” 

-Rob Weir, Sing Out! Magazine, Summer 2008, (Fly Not Yet review) 


“A stunning musical adventure…the harp work of Nicholson adds such depth to the music, and she has a sweet, lyrical voice that fits perfectly for the music offered here.” 

-Calvin Daniels, Yorkton (SK. Canada) This Week, Oct 15, 2008, (Fly Not Yet review) 


 “Phenomenal…The highlight, for me, would have to be the title track, where Nicholson is able to show off her wonderfully powerful voice.” 

-Lucid Forge Magazine, Canada, Summer 2008, (Fly Not Yet review) 


"Elizabeth Nicholson's vocals are beautiful and lilting and her harp playing is exquisite.” 

- Lew Jones, Positively Entertainment and Dining, December 2007 (performance review) 


"Lovely...Celtic jigs and reels in alteration with incredible singing.  Elizabeth Nicholson has a voice like nothing else I've heard." 

John McLaughlin,  Roots and Wings, WMUC-FM, College Park, MD (Fly Not Yet review) 


“Elizabeth voice lends a wonderfully personal flavor that’s complimented by her excellent harp and guitar work.” 

Ray Dorsey, Chaos Realm, July 2007 (Sink or Swim review) 


“This music is well-kept in the talented, passionate hands of Elizabeth Nicholson.  Her voice is pure and rich...she is one of the reasons Portland is known for it’s outstanding traditional music community.” 

Gayle Jewell, The Celtic Hour, KBOO Portland (performance review) 


“Powerful...Beautiful voice, nice harp playing...she has a lot in common with Loreena Mckennit....” 

Rich Warren, The Midnight Special, WFMT Chicago (Sink or Swim review) 


“Her voice recalls misty moors...her harp tunes are like sparkling bits of light...mesmerizing.” 

Tom Nelligan, Dirty Linen Magazine June/July 2007 (Sink or Swim review) 


“Her harp playing reveals a sure and expressive touch.  There are no jagged edges.  All of which offers an ideal compliment to the sweet but unsentimental sound of her individual voice.” 

Joseph Urbinato, Grammy winner (Sink or Swim review)